Fully electric.
Fully capable
at 80,000 pounds.

ET-One was built to haul 80,000 pounds
with instant torque at zero RPM. It’s a
powerful tool designed to get the job done,
stay on the road, and save operators money. 


Vehicle ranges up to 300 miles
for short haul and regional tractors and trucks.



Built with Tier 1 components, the vehicle
is designed for maximum uptime and low cost repairs.


Powertrain options range from 300-700 HP
with full torque starting at 0 RPM.



The zero emission powertrain
faces no regulation from air quality regulators.


Regenerative braking and
onboard safety systems improve driver safety.


Battery packs were designed for commercial
vehicle environments with long, tough duty cycles.

Total Cost of Ownership

Reduced maintenance, fuel,
and compliance costs combine to lower TCO.

Electric Power

The Thor Powertrain is the heart of every vehicle built. It is what gives the vehicle its unique driving characteristics and sets it apart from a conventional semi-truck. Gone is everything you knew about electric vehicles. Electric is powerful, electric is sexy, and electric is here to stay.


Thor’s battery pack is designed specifically for commercial heavy-duty applications. The battery pack is comprised of the highest energy density lithium-ion cylindrical cells available. Thor is looking forward to new battery technologies that have potential to allow for rapid charging or longer ranges. We are ready to adapt to new technologies as they are commercially viable


The ET-One was designed with the fleet-operator and  truck driver in mind. Design choices were influenced by managers and drivers of fleets ranging 10 to 10,000 vehicles in size. Thor has done everything to understand the concerns of its customer and design a vehicle that integrates seamlessly with an existing fleet.

Electrification leads to massive changes in a fleet’s cost structure. By saving fleets money on fuel, maintenance, and compliance, the ET-One increases profits on every route taken. The more you drive, the more you save.

While diesel commercial vehicles make up about 7% of vehicles, they account for almost 18% of on-road emissions. Many regional and local commercial vehicles bring these emissions to straight to the communities where we live, work, and send our kids to school. We think it’s time for a shift.

The foundation of electric vehicle technology was set in the early 1900’s. However, deploying electric vehicles involved compromises in performance, aesthetics, reliability, and convenience. Now, electric vehicles are more powerful and more reliable than conventional alternatives. Electric is ready today.

Maintenance Cost per Mile

Fuel Cost per Mile

Emissions Compliance Headaches

Do you operate a fleet?

Limited fleet demonstrations are now available in the United States. Contact the Thor Team to sign up.

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